Network Robots

Official service robots on CrazeWeb have a one letter name. One letter names are not available for normal users. Robots you might bump into, and interact with, are listed below.

Network Services

Nick Hostmask Description
A Authentication services for usernames. Serves as a central authentication point for all other network services. C depends on A to verify that users are valid.
C Channel service keeping track of registered channels. Prevents and defends against channel takeover and provides useful features.
F Fixing service keeps track of operators in unregistered channels and automatically reops as needed. Account names are used if authenticated with A, otherwise hostmask.

Special client robots

Nick Account/Hostmask Description
Bot Bot Mostly used by server operators, but hosts a card game in #UNO.
Dealer dealer The IRC version of Blackjack can be played in #21.
R Relays messages between different platforms